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One of the ladies that host a show on CNBC, for example Maria Bartiromo.
Maria Bartiromo and Melissa Francis are two of the money honey's on CNBC
автор: SK19 1 мая 2006
26 16
A person who has money but no love in her life.
The only option in there life is to spend money in order to be happy.
Maria is such a money honey she always get what she wants, except the boy she been wanting to get
автор: maria.merie 17 января 2009
12 7
Unlike a sugar momma who is above the age of 30. A "money honey" is under the age of 29, loaded, and extremely hot.
How did Rivera land a money honey? She's hot and payin his bills!
автор: TLG BIG EASY 19 мая 2009
9 6
Any hot female television news reporter that covers the business and finance world.
Dude, let's put on Fox Business News and compare the racks on all the money honeys!
автор: jpastor 20 марта 2008
8 9