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Someone who always asks for things and favors constantly and will never leave you alone. They will ask for money, rides to places, for you to do simple tasks they could do easily but they think the whole world should cater to them, basically just a leech to everyone around them, a parasite to the community.
Mitchell Katz wont leave me alone, he keeps pestering me for rides places when he most likey can get a ride from his parents but he doesnt bother to ask them. He takes advantage of others to compensate for his laziness and lack of responsibility for his own well being. Expects others to take care of his needs and desires without ever returning the favor.
автор: Josh 11 марта 2005
Someone who survives off anothers income. Someone who believes that they are owed something for nothing. One who even if they have their own money, food, clothes, etc. will still use someone else's first. Even if that someone else is more poor.
I can't believe you are letting him stay here! All he does is eat our food, drink our beer, watch our t.v. and still has the nerve to ask us if we can loan him money! What a moocher!

Dude, quit moochin all my beer!

That moocher isn't getting a dime from me!
#selfish #greedy #lazy ass #manipulator #user
автор: Leesanne 10 января 2006
1. A stoner who uses you offten to get high on your own personal surply. he/she will smoke you stash, eat your munchies, drink your koolade and never ever return the favor.

2. some who always "borrows" things that are not normally borrowed.

3. some one who uses you there own good but never returns the favor

4. verb: to mooch
1. aw man let me hit way cheezy puffs...dude some i better go man bye

2. hey man can i borrow your car/vcr/shoes/socks

3. dude lend me $5 ill pay you back *they have no cash, ever*

4. lets mooch over to her place later
автор: Flash terrorist 9 августа 2004
one who always begs for free things and won't ever go away, even if you do give him stuff.
"This moocher won't leave nne alone, he keeps begging me for socks..."
автор: serge golub 14 марта 2004
1) Someone who won't leave you the fuck alone until you give them something for free.

2)A hobo who bugs someone for change
1)That hobo's a damn moocher.

2)If that moocher doesn't leave me alone, I'm going to kick his ass
автор: Jim-Bob 2 мая 2003
An unemployed individual who lives a frivolous life style by means of living off others income, status, and generosity while simultaneously not having any purpose or value.
Susie likes to eat at expensive restaurants as long as she's not paying the bill. She also takes trips at the expense of other's. Susie would be consider a moocher.
#moocher #cheap #unemployed #broke #expensive
автор: Meranda3019 9 марта 2013
One who asks or takes from someone's food or money I.E. french fries, money, pretzels
The moocher wouldn't leave me alone until i gave him half of my cookies.
автор: Nathan 31 марта 2003
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