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Derived from early slave times when black people would come out at night and sing slave songs under the moonlight like crickets.
Hey! Billy Bob and Joline, grab the shotguns the damn moon crickets are escaping from the plantation
автор: nispe 3 июля 2005
4582 1421
A member of the afrocentric persuasion.
I was lost in the dark, luckily the teeth of that moon cricket showed me the way.
автор: Carl Panzram Jr. 27 мая 2004
3173 1420
Derived from the word Moon and Cricket. An African American Male who only perfers to come out and socalize during the evening hours.
Shit, I am not going down that street, there are fucking Moon Crickets everywhere.
автор: TickleTits 5 мая 2004
1890 1165
racial slur for an african american male.
Those damn moon crickets play they're music all through the night!
автор: John Spurlock 28 марта 2005
1210 812
Used as a deragatory term for a black person. Similar to porch monkey, nigger, or coon.
Some moon cricket must have stole it!
автор: dingraha 31 октября 2007
1082 694
Derogotory term for "colored people". Basically the same as saying Nigger
Dude...look at those mooncrickets in that back alley playing dice.
автор: Andrew 27 сентября 2004
401 116
A dark colored being that comes out at night. Often sporting a throw-back and tims. May or may not have a lusterous grill. Often seen running from the police or a stray bullet.
The mooncrick in the elevator axed me if I was po' cuz I ain't no shoes.
автор: Stacy 11 января 2004
401 130