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A god of woodlice, whos objective in life is simple... eat his people and talk to pigeons
wow look at that guy eating woodlice, man
i know, its muffin the great
автор: Tom Jewsbury 16 февраля 2007

Слова, связанные с muffin the great

woodlice woodlouse beauty chuck god god. great legend legendary muffin pidgeon pidgeon boy pidgeon talker the
A God Of the woodlice, he shall eat the woodlice he find, then bring them back to life. These woodlice that he blesses in this unique way are all called 'Chuck' After 'Chuck'. Normally, this person can talk to pidgeons as well, therfore having ultimate and supreme control over them, making them his invincible minions.
Dude, that guy ressusitated a woodlouse!!
It's Muffin The great!!! OMG!!!

The pidgeons are busy...
Muffin the great must be near!
автор: Tom Jewsbury 4 февраля 2007