something that's cool
The word originated in Hackney, London. Specifically Kingsland Secondary School (now sadly gone).
The word is a direct product of one Nang Phan, an ex-student of KS. It came about through boys in years above her chiding "ahh, Nang you're nang". It caught on like wildfire from there.
автор: Nang's Best Friend 11 августа 2003
when something is good
that car is nang
автор: lola 27 июня 2003
means wicked, good,cool, sweet.. etc etc
last night was so nang
автор: loodie 9 июля 2004
Good or great
"This tune is nang!"
автор: Char'Lee 7 июня 2003
Nang: Really cool.
Comes from London. Used by a varitiy of people.
"You look nang in that dress!"
"That film was nang!"
автор: Redmonx 21 июля 2005
'Man, that song is NANG!'
автор: SHEvil 10 августа 2003
Another way of saying cool, wicked, etc. Has many derivities.
Oh that movie was so nang!
автор: Dreamy 29 марта 2005

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