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Delictable morsels for you to imbibe upon
It's like Scooby Narbles!
автор: Alan Green 11 ноября 2003
Sex where your ball dangle..
we narbled last night
автор: ErinELee 9 декабря 2010
(n)Defunked group of diverse teenagers, formed at the Smithhaven Mall, in Lake Grove. No one is specificly a punk or a punk poser but mostly mall rats from all over the eastern part of Suffolk county, NY.
Narbles is the most harsh energy driven sardonic group of teenage boys and girls that has the power to become the world
автор: Jon Mehrhoff (Yeah that's right, my real name) 9 января 2005
A kingdom started by three founders, Pete Carlson, Sal Nicosia, and Greg Hanson at a local mall. This kingdom has grown in size and numbers, stretching from eastern Long Island to Maine. For more information about the group, visit www.angelfire.com/scary/narbles
Narbles kicks ass, so you should join!
автор: bulletmisfit 13 мая 2004
NARBLES YOUR RULING EMPIRE....CREATED BY ME SAL AND GREG...all hail the faithful narbles
a following
автор: Pete 13 мая 2004
Narbles is a group of angsty kids. they got PWNED by LUE on their website.

LUE > buttseckz > N-gages > NARBLES.

автор: LUEser 2 28 мая 2004