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1. To be overrated.
2. To resemble wood.
3. To be haughty.
1. I heard she was pretty but she's totally a Natalie Portman.
2. She acts about as well as Natalie Portman in Star Wars.
3. I really don't like her, she's a total Natalie Portman.
автор: Bite me 19 марта 2005
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1. Someone who is overrated.
2. Someone whose facial expressions resemble wood.
3. Someone who is haughty.
1. I heard she was pretty but she's a Natalie Portman.
2. She acted about as well as Natalie Portman in Star Wars.
3. I really don't like her, she's a total Natalie Portman.
автор: Bite me 19 марта 2005
Appallingly bad wedge-faced actress, career sustained by membership of the Tribe and fanatical crypto-paedophilic fanbase.

Having said that, I had all sorts of filthy ideas watching 'Leon'.

'V for Vendetta' is one of the worst films ever made, in large part thanks to her lack of talent, though to be fair the script, direction and premise fucked it from the off.

Haven't seen 'Closer', don't plan to.
I'd give Natalie Portman one between the jewbs, nan, but I'd be doing her a fucking favour.
#natalie portman #celebrity jewess #overrated actress #wachowski brothers #marginally shaggable
автор: Lord Grimcock 22 августа 2007
Beautiful Harvard graduate who was Darth Vader's baby mama.
Natalie Portman could have done better than that sleazy jerk Vader.
#star wars #jedi #natalie portman #luke skywalker #han solo
автор: Jedi421 6 января 2009
Beautiful and smart. Just perfect.
She is the only girl I would like to date.
автор: mick 14 марта 2005
Used as an adjective to describe a movie (usually a super-hero movie) with a love interest that ruins the plot of the film thus making the film crap.

Usually the plot will center around the love interest in the hope audiences will relate to the character. So the character is stereotypically from Earth, white and female, as well as a Jew however this last factor is unrelated.

Some unforeseen consequences of adding this character is that she will take away a considerable amount of screen time for herself with mainly non-action sequences, have to be added into sequels and could force the movie to come to Earth at some point even when the film would be better if it instead had more action sequences. Worse still is that the love interest will usually bring other characters into the fold that are in some way retarded or a comical relief.

The term Ghost Rider can also be substituted for Natalie Portman to describe the same movie, however the movie is usually all round terrible not only due to the love interest.
Days of future past was pretty good, at least they didn't Natalie Portman it.


Thor 2 was even more Natalie Portman than the first. Why do they keep doing that?
#crap #jew #retarded #ghost rider #terrible
автор: Third Wheel 23 июня 2014
An actor who showed early promise, but then co-starred along side some ropey CGI and Samuel L Jackson with a purple light saber. Subsequently almost everything she has been has been rubbish.
Ever wanted to go and see episode one at the cinema?... No?

Well how about Leon, yeah Jean Reno was great in that.
автор: Tmacb 20 мая 2005
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