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1. to chat, talk or gossip
2. a conversation or discussion
My dad hasn't picked me up from school yet so I'm just sitting here with my friends and having a natter
автор: DSelby 5 марта 2007
36 7
To talk loads of rubbish to people. Especially over the internet or on the phone.
"Hey, you want to Natter on the phone tonight?"
"Yeah sure, that'd be good"
автор: Katy Metcalfe 22 ноября 2007
9 3
A word used to draw attention towards an attractive person. Is often used when an individual who has spotted talent wishes to alert his/her companions.

Usually said with the same intonation as 'banter'.

Antonyms: Anti-natter.
Woah, natter.
автор: J-Man Jones 5 октября 2010
3 2
A lady with extreme levels of class, volumtuous breasts, beautiful features up and down, with eyes that draw you in like a penis to a vagina
There is a natters standing at the bar, stop and admire.
автор: DOMINIC EVANS 22 ноября 2003
9 10
Negative chatter, lots of it.
That guy would not stop nattering about his old girlfiend when they broke up.
автор: answerman2 6 апреля 2010
1 3