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Created in the Anandtech forums, it was a member who posted useless crap to increase his post count. Hence, the term eventually branched out in to other forums and became a popular term among forum goers. Lifers are usually a harmless bunch, not as vicious as trolls. All they care about is the postcount..
You're such a nef.
Stop neffing your lifer.
автор: prop 19 августа 2004
246 47
usually found in forums;
somebody who wastes a post with a useless remark or comment just to increase their post count.
POSTED BY: uselessuser

hey yo sups dudes, ..i just took a shit just now! cool huh! ur thoughts?
автор: dan 8 января 2003
55 38
short for "nephews", this word is commonly used to describe your close friends or relatives in the hood. This word is similar to the word "homies", but is used in more serious situations. Not to mention this word can also be used in place of "swear to god"
"Nefs I ain wit that breezy takin my bank rolls"
"I gat nefs in this hood that will knuck if you talk shit"
автор: ziggy ohh 25 февраля 2009
9 1
v. or n.

Much like post whoring, but usually much more comedic and with more of a purpose (I know it's an oxymoron). Created in the AnandTech forums (likely in ATOT).
(to a nef that isn't funny):
Stop posting/BAN!/DIAF, you worthless nef.
автор: ts3433 24 марта 2005
28 24
Not Even Funny
Abbreviation to "NOT EVEN FUNNY"

Nef can be used in speech and on internet (forums or chats). A proper moment to to call the word is when someone tries to be clever and fails.
автор: DjMaCk0k$ 6 июня 2011
9 11
A sweet little person who cares about everybody more than themselves.

You're well my wee Nef, always putting everyone first.

Nef is the nicest little person in the land
автор: Fluffiest Bunny 15 ноября 2007
14 18
Not even funny, like when you are being sarcastic or hyper.
Hana: He broke up with you?

Jennifer: Yeah

Hana: You must be hurting. What did you do all day yesterday?

Jennifer: I cried all day. I cried so hard, it's nef.
автор: cutiee_widda_booty_15 17 марта 2010
5 11