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A person who's parents are of African American and Puerto rican descent,usually come out looking Dominican.
dumb girl: so what's your nationality?

niggerican: well my father is jamaican and my mother is puerto rican what about you?

dumb girl: oh so your a Niggerican like prime g-unit artist lloyd banks

niggerican:uhhh i guess so you dumb broad
автор: LUCK DA GOD 3 сентября 2007
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noun. Term used to describe person(s) of puerto rican or carribean descent (with tan or darker complection), who are arrogant, ignorant, loud, and enjoys shitty mainstream R&B rap music. Usually a Puerto Rican residing in the asshole of the United States known as New York City.
The cops pulled over a car full of niggericans, they were going down the street playing loud raggaetone music with their hair braided, smokin' blunts with a large sticker of a puerto rican flag placed on the rear window along with stickers of their area code.
автор: Deeh 16 мая 2008
A Puerto Rican who acts like a nigger; A person of Puerto Rican descent that has acquired many mainstream American ghetto characteristics. Most are kleptomaniacs and will even steal from their girlfriends, the doctor's office, and the public library. A niggerican is usually too lazy to get a job, but if they do get one, they are always fired for stealing. They wear pants 5 sizes too big, but this is to practice before going to prison; unconsciously, they're dying to earn their pink sock. Most niggericans were born high because their mothers are crackhead chongas with legs that repel each other. They stay up all night drinking and listening to reggaeton, and never wake up before 12pm. Niggericans have no intelligence, no worth, and no future. Their destiny is to live off of the welfare system, impregnate neighborhood chongas, and create more niggericans.

“I hear that Paula is fucking Reymond.”

“Reymond? That niggerican down the block? Shit, I give her less than a year before she's shitting babies and buying crack with her welfare check.”

автор: Azaelian 15 июля 2008

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