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Using a false address as the text mask for a hyperlink with the intention of keeping actual hyperlink secret until too late.
using VB code;


the above code would display as "www.coolbeans.com" but once clicked, the "www.ratemypoo.com" link is opened.
автор: Wawa 21 февраля 2003

Слова, связанные с ninja linking

goatse ninja link tub girl /url url=www.ratemypoo.com
when you shwo someone a link and when they click it, it doesn't take you to where you thought it would be. Primarily used for prankes that take you to www.goatse.cx or www.youdontknowwhoiam.org alot of fun if used correctly.
I fucking got ninja linked while at work, I've been reprimanded.
автор: Anonymous 10 февраля 2003