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The literal spelling of OMG... usually used when OMG just isn't good enough to stress something.
Oh Em Ge! the interweb is teh ghey
автор: Badfish 14 мая 2003

Слова, связанные с oh em ge

omg oh ehm ge oh ehm gee oh em gee ohh mee gee oh my god oh my goodness oh my gosh
a word referring to omg. but you would say this like when you wouldnt expect something to happen. you actually can here the short vowels when you say it.

sounds like: oh + m + gee= ohemge!
" ohemge! did you see that deer jump the fence."
"wow i just had an 'ohemge!' moment."
автор: natedogg!9254 7 апреля 2009