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Plain and Simple.
You're all fags for talking about his dick. p and s.
автор: TourrettesGuy4ever 6 апреля 2008

Слова, связанные с p and s

bullshit dog plane and simple p n s straight up
A mild-mannered NewMedia developer with an enormous veen and unsurpassable sexual energy

Also known as "The Pand", "Pandy Pand", "Pandpand" or "Andy Pand(y)"
Move back, Pand's coming through - he owns us
автор: Wu Dark 30 марта 2004
a better way to say pwnd or 0wnd
but it sounds more powerfull and it is more elite (1337)
"z0mg i pand u n00b"


автор: zopfi666 1 мая 2007