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something that is seen by many as the spawn of satan, or evil.
What kind of madness is this? WHY HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME A PAIR OF PANTS
автор: Zack the feind ninja 1 августа 2005
7 5
What men can't wait to take off when with a hot girl.
Girl: Let's go to my place.

Guy: I'll take off my pants.
автор: Hall and Oates 29 июня 2011
1 0
The one article of clothing you can live without. like in the supermarket.
Have any of you seen my pants?
автор: the ph1l0s0ph3r 16 мая 2010
2 1
The British equivilant of "crap". Is often used among British school youth at every possible moment in order to increase ones coolness. This phrase, however, is rendered useless once used outside of the UK.
Guy1:"I totally just failed my maths exam!"
Guy2:"That's so pants."
автор: Minkyplush 23 мая 2009
1 0
(Noun) Code for marjuana, all verbs relating to this noun are converted as well such as wear and wearing
"Wearing the pants"
"We need to put on pants"
"My pants are falling down"
автор: Will Hampchamp 16 апреля 2008
4 3
1) An item of clothing which many people seem to have a complicated love/hate relationship with.
2) An ending to a sentence when you can't think of anything else to say, because you're tired or awkward, as opposed to trailing off and leaving an awkward silence.
1) This morning I felt like wearing pants, but right now my legs beg to be free!
2) "...And that's when I realized I'd known her all along but had forgotten her face... Erm, pants."
автор: Luna 25 июля 2004
4 3
article of clothing commonly worn around the hips and down the legs; fun game involving a Harry Potter book and a few shots of whiskey
I got a pair of pants yeserday.
Lupin slowly lowered his pants, looking directly at Black.
автор: IDidntHaveOne and HeyItsMeClaire 4 апреля 2003
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