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Everything that has happened so far. Reading this definition is part of your past. And this. And this. And...
Jonny: Do you remember when we were ten, and we first kissed by the bike shed?
Paige: That was in the past, move on.
автор: HappyGirl1993 2 марта 2011
A time that sucked but doesn't seem so bad compared to the present.
The past wasn't that bad.
автор: Cblokzyl 7 мая 2008
Something eventually forgotten.
Forget the past and look to the future.
автор: spike p. 21 октября 2007
(n.) Something that's completely worthless, unless you can actually learn something from it.
John was depressed because all his girlfriends from the past had dumped him.
автор: hoosteen 21 мая 2010