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It's the acronym for the phonetic code "Peace Hindi S" used to camouflage the famous "Piss in the Ass" phrase from South Park's "Le Petit Tourette" episode. A second layer of code would be "PA Chess".
Everything today's going wrong. PHS!,
Stop phs'in around and do some work!
PHS, usak.
автор: kontoc1 9 июня 2009
124 23
Phantom Hat Syndrome.

The feeling of a hat being on your head long after you have taken it off.
I've got major PHS, some bitch stole my trilby at the last bar.
автор: dr_sprilt 3 марта 2008
22 12
Preppy Hollister sluts

If you know someone who is a rich snob who only cares about themselves and their looks they can be known as a PHS
My friend Lolly wears lots of lowcut shirts,short skirts, and constantly worrys about her reputation and looks. She is such a PHS.
автор: Loey 2 июля 2007
21 13
Post hurt syndrome. the feeling of drowsiness and not knowing what the fuck is going on after smoking "too much" weed.
Guy 1: Dude our cars over there.....

Guy 2: Fuck, sorry dude my bad i spaced out.

Guy 1: Dude that blunt is making you suffer some serious phs right now.
автор: Strong3r864 14 января 2011
4 1
pho soup
Johnny asked Sarah where she got her soup and she said at PHS
автор: qioyreuwrwefff 10 июля 2008
3 15