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a minute witless shrew like animal, with long nose, large wooden spoon and is known to mix a lot. Lots of them found in Landen(they have no testicles).Has the ability to use silly symbols
(+picto) \o/
автор: celtic sorceress 7 августа 2003

Слова, связанные с picto

shavo beer car club ginger hair irish pubic rave ravo scot scottish wash. pubes
"Picture", hence pictograph or pictogram.

Also termed one of the methods to teach irregular words to Greek dyslexic children.
"We can draw through Picto Chat"
автор: Anonymous 2 января 2005
A grubby 1 bed council flat in Morden
Teh council pays for my picto
автор: Anonymous 14 августа 2003