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a person whos pre-occupation is to consume large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis,but who's body cant cope as well as an alcoholic's can, creating a distasteful, un-artwotrhy perfomance of drunken bliss.
"That boy's a real piss artist"
автор: Ryan Cairns 18 сентября 2003
109 40
1. someone who"pisses" about(a time waster)
2.an unstable drunk
3.an artist that engages in unusual art forms(performance/abstract art)
stop messing about you piss artist!
автор: Ryan Cairns 18 сентября 2003
49 39
1. A drunkard
2. Someone who messes about
3. Alternative Artist, prefers to make art made up of snow and various liquids
"Piccaso was not a bad piss artist"
автор: Otaku 6 февраля 2003
41 31
1: Someone who is a partier.

2: A good talker who claims they are an original thinker.

3: A person who makes terrible art.

4: Someone who has no control over his penis.
Man, that guy could talk about his work till the cows come home, shame all of it is terrible, what a piss artist!
автор: dublinslang 23 февраля 2011
9 13
any national or local politician
He was a fat, greasy, corrupt, double-dealing shagger - intent only on self-promotion. His speeches would give an aspirin a headache.
автор: ian rich 19 августа 2005
10 50
1.Some one who pisses on the seat
2. some one whilst drunk who paints pictures on walls with piss
3. some one who cant control there penis
автор: mike 31 октября 2004
5 74