irritible, annoying see wordPMS
don't get all pissy on me.
автор: bernard 11 апреля 2003
Top Definition
complaining and moaning over stupid shit.
man ima sock u if u dont stop being so pissy
автор: jediduck 31 июля 2003
Pissy ( Pis-Sy) Adj.

1. Easily irritated or bitter

2. Abnormally sensitive to a stimulus

3. State of being excessively bitchy without due cause

4. Excessive Grouchiness’
Sentence: Rachel demonstrates her pissy nature on a daily basis when in close interaction with her peers.
автор: mojojo7 11 февраля 2010
What you are being if you are pissed off.
'Fuck off'
'Oh just cause you're on your period dont start getting pissy with me.'
автор: xo izzi ox 1 февраля 2005
Describes the behavior of someone in a bad mood or the general disposition of a woman during her cycle.
Stay away from your mother for now...she's pissy.
автор: DeadMan16 20 апреля 2016
Meaning your a bitch
Your a pissy
Ya man
автор: Royaltyiskey 5 марта 2016
The coolest, badest, the bomb
that car is so damn pissy
автор: kawgirl 1 февраля 2011
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