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To collapse in exhaustion.
I've been carrying these heavy books all day, I'm going to plutz on the couch.
автор: J2J 21 ноября 2007
10 7
The reduction in penis size after an erection.
After ejaculation, the penis will plutz to it's normal size.
автор: Pete344 9 сентября 2007
11 12
A fart-like sound made by pressing your lips together on someone else's body parts (arm, belly, cheek, neck, etc.) and blowing firmly enough until your lips vibrate on their skin.
I went to give her a kiss but surprised her with a plutz instead.

I gave my baby a plutz on the belly to make her laugh.

автор: Sheldon-L 6 февраля 2009
5 7

1.A female who has below average ugly looks.
2. Something that is stupid
1. "Look at that chick over there! Man she's plutz!"
2. "Nah, thats just plutz"
автор: Monty 1 марта 2004
6 15