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a immitator of someone else
You are a britney poser!
автор: coca 23 декабря 2003
8 16
People who try to be something they are not, but it is opparent that they are just "posing". Posers ussually drive rice cars, and listen too pop-punk music. People who listen to metal or rock are not posers.
"Your such a poser for liking Camaros!" quoted from a poser.
автор: Joe Mofo 1 ноября 2005
2 11
A poser is aome one tht rides a sk8board to look kool and dont even get hurt,also a poser is someone tht wants to be something there not.
if ur a prep and where preppy cloths and u can barley keep ur balence on a board dont call some one a poser....look at ur self u dont belong on a sk8board. If u where wut ever u want whether its sk8er brands or not and u come to skool w/ a big scrape down ur leg and u show every body ur sk8 board then ur not a poser.
автор: Sk8terpain 24 октября 2005
2 11
A man who poses like a little bitch.
please see hair metal
Boy them hair metal dudes sure look like chicks and have the pouty lips and teased hair and everything.But they're dudes.They need to stop trying to be something that they're not (chicks).
oh and,
Example doesn't use the word poser. Use the word in a sentence.
автор: You've killed my boner. 11 октября 2005
5 14
Someone who isn't what the are posing as. (example: goth)
Heather is posing as a goth
автор: FrigginPoet 17 мая 2003
42 51
Someone who tries to be like someone really cool.
*Patty,Becky,Manda,Megen,and Carol
автор: Your Mom 27 февраля 2003
4 13
you, who are looking up the word poser to see if you fit into that category.

you. The reader of my definition. Your a poser
автор: Bizzeth 4 октября 2007
2 12