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Verb, portmanteau - To pretend to text someone or reply to someone's text message to avoid awkward situations. This happens most often when talking to someone you don't really know or when you don't want to look weird while waiting for the bus.
My crush, Addie, and I have run out of things to talk about so I will pretext to avoid any awkward silences.
#pretend #text #addie #jejemon #urban
автор: savantwaler 8 мая 2010
The nonchalant text u send immediately before you send an important text to a person. The pre-text insures that you will know whether or not the person will reply so that you are not left with textpectation after sending the important text it insures that your important query will not be textnored. Sort of like signing for a UPS package so they know that you got it.
Dude I wanna ask Bertha on a date but if she doesnt wanna go she'll just textnore me and say that she never got it. I'll send her a pre-text saying "What's up" then if she doesn't respond to my text asking her on a date, I'll know she's super shady.
#textpectation #text #textnore #texting out #textican standoff
автор: DanAjeigbe 30 января 2008
Writing a text and saving as a draft before you go out drinking. After a few shots when you feel the need to "drunk text" it's already written, all you do is hit send. Prevents one from texting the wrong person, making themself lseem like a drunk a-hole who can't spell, and talks about random shit.
"Thank God for pre-texts, remember the last time we went out and I accidentally texted my mom asking what color her undies were."
#text #drunk-text #mistake #drunk #alcohol #drunk-dial
автор: Sabotager 19 декабря 2011
To text a bunch of people before you go out somewhere, so when you get there you'll get a bunch of replies. The goal of this is to appear popular and busy by getting a bunch of "spontaneous" texts when you are out with someone, at school, or anywhere.
Person A: "Wow that girl is popular!"

Person B: "Nah, Didn't ya notice all those texts were within 5 seconds of each other? Definitely a backfired case of pre-text!"
#popular #cell phone #cell #cellie #text messaging #text #txt #sms #fake
автор: Trampabay 17 декабря 2009
1. When you send a text message and know what the reciever will reply. Therefore, you already write out (pretext) - and possibly save in drafts- what you will respond in return.

2. Could also be used in instant messaging by pre-typing a response.
X: "What are you doing tonight?" (asking even though they know)
X uses pretext and writes and saves to drafts- "Oh i see- me too."
Y: "Going to a movie."
X: sends the saved draft of "Oh i see- me too."
#text messaging #messages #pretype #instant messaging #im
автор: sienna,rhea 15 января 2008
When you get a text from a hot girl, and it could be percieved as being a slutty text, your first reaction (being sexual) is a pre-text! You then reply in a normal way, BUT it has to be similar to the pre-text so you can laugh about it!

For Example:
Text recieved: "Mm, I'm having an ice cream, you jealous!?"

Pre-text: "Only if it's melting onto your nipples..."

Actual response: "Only if it's Ben & Jerry's!"
#nipples #text #girl #ice-cream #hot
автор: Essy-k 25 апреля 2008
an excuse when you are having an intercourse with someone else (other than ur gf)
Hey Darling what have you been doing saturday night? oh I was having a pretext for having sex
Hey Noah can I see your sticks? (<-- this is the pretext)
I love when you twist them...
#pretext #text #pre-sex #sex #sticks #saturday night
автор: Gabrielasitta 23 марта 2008
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