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A woman who likes to lead men on with hints that they could possibly have sex with her, even though she has no intention of ever engaging in sexual intercourse with them.
Simile of cocktease.
"That bitch is such a fucking pricktease."
автор: YOREMA 11 июля 2003
women who's idea of sexual satisfaction does not include penile penetration as an essential aspect of sexual activity. Terms like pricktease are the product of a double sexual standard that insists upon women being sexually attractive and available to men while remaining chaste virgins. Under the double standard, a woman is damned if she does (slut, whore, tart, hussy, je-zebel, bunny, wench, tramp, etc.) and damned if she doesn't (prick tease, prude, jilt, vamp, coquette, etc.).

No term today exists for the male who leads a woman to expect sexual satisfaction but fails to satisfy her.
prick tease is the term for a woman who "displays affection and sexual interest in a male, assumes sexually inviting postures, speaks intimately, allows petting or necking and perhaps indulges in sexual foreplay, but does not allow coitus or satisfy the male".

A prick tease is the way a female can get satisfaction while at the same time reducing chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
автор: xbar 2 апреля 2007
1. Of the male of female variety - where the person in question leads on or teases someone sexually, but then does not partake in kissing/shagging etc.

2. literal meaning
girl bumpin&grindin all night long then just walking off
автор: Omar 20 ноября 2003
-girl who flirts with you all night long, grinds up against you on the dance floor, allows you to buy her drinks, but doesnt go home with you, or if she does, goes to sleep. might indulge in some kissing or foreplay, but always. always leaving the guy wanting more.
-female who is very skilled in the art of seduction, knows not to give everything at once, makes the guy really want it
-very very attractive female
-Brian:how'd you get on with ur wan last night, you get your hole
Mike: no, that bitch is some prick tease, went back to my place and all, but she just went to sleep

-'ah lad, ur wan i was with last night was some demon in the sack, she did the whole strip tease thing, and pure touching me everywhere, cept mi dick..pure prick tease boy, but when he finally gave it some attention she knew what she was doing lad'

-'look at ur wan over there pure savage looking, sum prick tease'
автор: hiccup girl 18 мая 2007
1. A woman who likes to lead men on with hints that they could possibly have sex with her, even though she has no intention of ever engaging in sexual intercourse with them.

2. Anyone engaging in sexual behavior with a man who makes a habit out of drawing them near orgasm but letting them down before they ever reach it.

Synonym of cocktease.
That bitch is such a fucking pricktease.
автор: bobbbb 25 июня 2005
This person (usually a girl) enjoys teasing someone (childish fun) they try to make u think you have a chance by keeping you interested somehow and you will proberely never get anywhere. if they are 16 or over they have a serious issue and need to grow up they usually are used to having there own way so dont let them have it unless your a childish fool
<girl> I want to have sex with u tomorrow!

<guy> really ok come to mine at about 8

<girl> i'll be there

(she'll either let you down or if shes comes she'll just sit there and when u make a move she'll say something like)

<girl> no i dont want to

<guy> whats wrong with u
автор: kano 23 марта 2004
girl who leads you to believe you could get a bit.but really you haven't a hope in hell.should be a crime and the punishment should be for the prick teaser to put out for the victim!
that girl prick teased me all night
that girl's a prick tease
автор: john clark 8 февраля 2004
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