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A psychological state characterized by one's excessive push-in push-out of his or her retractable pen; due to stress or boredom.
*click click* *click click*

That kid at the back of the class has a serious case of push pen anxiety.
автор: luckyonehere 11 августа 2011

Слова, связанные с push pen anxiety

anxiety bathroom stalking boredom fap on it it's pretty much dw pen push repuberty secondhander stress
Push pen anxiety is when you click your pen's little button. It is addicting because of it's sound and it's motion of going up and down (no sexual innuendo.) You kind of get hypnotized. It's weird but kinda awesome. Hah, try it out but not in class. You might get in trouble with your teacher, mates.
The child got push pen anxiety and got in trouble for clicking it so much times.
автор: Ultraf0xDictionary 6 июня 2014