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A hoe
ew, i could never go with a ratchet
автор: Rhyaaan 16 декабря 2008
225 399
Someone who is or acts:
out of pocket
or just plain unnecessary
She's been acting ratchet lately
автор: wellyouknow483 3 декабря 2010
361 607
An ugly ass girl or a ghetto girl
that fe gotta 14 inch weave...ratchet ass breezy...
автор: jeRkinIzaHaBbit 27 сентября 2009
323 578
to be ghetto
to be unclassy
Look at how she act and dress... She so ratchet.
автор: dChante 25 апреля 2011
380 683
Female version of a tool.
Can be used to describe something that looks slutty or trashy.
"Dude, don't sleep with her! She is one of the biggest ratchets!"
"I am looking really ratchet! I need to go clean up."
автор: VitalK 15 февраля 2010
507 921
A slang word for ghetto
Gurllll, that five dollar Coach purse you bought at T.J. Maxx is so RATCHET!
автор: FoshizzleShrimp 20 марта 2011
318 753
Means Nasty,Crazy, Incredible
Man that girl was fuckin Ratchet.
автор: GuttaKing 26 августа 2008
795 1380