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the term for someone who shops at blue rinse, trying to pull off the "indie" genre but look like a total wanker, also has mank hair ( Y ).

"niice ..."
wow nice tattoo man
"retro bible"
printed across all fingers
автор: BIG LOZ 22 января 2008

Слова, связанные с retro bible

bating cool funky hot indie bbz masterbate masternap nice retro bate throw-back bate vintage bate
Retro Bible
Consists Of Daniel Dysons Wannabe Indie/Emo ''Retro Ways''
He Truely Believes That He Is Indie.
When Reading His Retro Bible.
Dys'- 'Yo Vin I Like Your Skinnies'
Vinny - 'Yeah SI-AN bought me them'
Dys' -'Cool, Read Your RetroBible Resently?'
Vinny -'NAH WTF'

автор: DropDeadChloe 10 января 2008