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official headquarters of the most preppy, collar-up kids in the whole world.
look at all those kids in polos, they must be from ridgewood.
автор: sarah 21 января 2005
a rish prep town that has lots of pot, too many fat cops, and not enough snow days. where all the kids from other towns go and hang out (townies)
kid from glen rock: im going to ridgewood, to smoke
kid from paramus: oh say hi to townie from fair lawn for me
автор: genna 24 января 2005
Ridgewood is a medium size suburban community in Bergen County. Ridgewood is located approximately 30 minutes outside of Midtown Manhattan. The population of Ridgewood is approximately 25,000 according to the 2000 United States Census. Ridgewood is an very wealthy town. Expect to see a lot of BMW's, Mercedes Benz's, Lexus's. For a nice home expect to pay over $1 million. The taxes are extreme and when I mean extreme, it's really extreme. The downtown area which is also know as " town" by locals is full of great shops and Zagat-rated restaurants. Town is the place to be if you a Ridgewood kid or a townie( a person from another town who spends a good amount of time in Ridgewood). The definition of rich kids are displayed here everyday. Many kids in Ridgewood are preps. Expect to see polos and tiffany jewelry. Also in recent years the teenagers have become some-what hipster. Many kids shop at Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropology. Most Ridgewood kids go thru a Abercrombie and Fitch and a Hollister phase at the beginning of middle school and it ends in the middle of their 7th grade year. Most kids try to come off as poor or ghetto but there is an extremely mall amount of poor and ghetto people in Ridgewood, there may even be no ghetto people. The "ghettoest" area of Ridgewood is South Broad Street which not really ghetto but it is where most of the black people of Ridgewood live which is at about 1% of the total population. Asians are the biggest minority in Ridgewood. Pot is a big issue in Ridgewood as it is in many towns but it is slightly increased because of the amount of wealth and the easier availability to buy drugs. Everyone knows what goes on behind Starbucks. This town is gossip, gossip, gossip. The schools are overflowing with it, even with teachers are in on the gossip. The people who are the worst then the kids with the gossip: the moms. All Ridgewood moms have a ton of botox and fake boobs. They go into Lilly Pulitzer on E. Ridgewood Avenue and gossip about all the other moms and the kids in town. Ridgewood is a big sport town. But no sport in Ridgewood could compare to our supreme sport: lacrosse. Lacrosse is the number 1 sport in the town. It's so popular we even have a whole day devoted to it, Lax Day. Now to the schools, Ridgewood has one of the finest education systems in the state, probably the country too. The district is made up of 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school. Every parent, BOE member and school administrator believes that every child is "Special." In high school, we don't get F's, we get E's. Ridgewood is ranked at #15 on Money Magazine's 25 top-earning towns in the USA. Most of the parents, manly the dads, work in New York City. Overall, Ridgewood probably the best town to grow up in New Jersey, possibly the US and possibly the world. I love Ridgewood!
Sam from Wyckoff: Hey wanna go to Ridgewood tonight and go to Starbucks and Rite Aid and hang with other townies?

Josh from Wyckoff: Yeah dude! We have nothing in our town so we gotta go to Ridgewood, they have everything!
автор: Ridgewood_Girl 12 августа 2009
Yes, Ridgwood may be "the most preppy, collar-up..." town, and it may be wealthy and well off. But just because of that, the people there are not snobs. The people are actually really nice. But you can still look for preppy collars and tiffany jewelery while u r there...
...Take it from a Ridgewood gal
"Ridgewood people are snobs!"
"Why do you say that?"
"They're rich..."
автор: Hannah R. 24 ноября 2005
A very preppy, rich town with so many snobs. There are also some nice people though. Most people after they grow up here will move out because this place is sometimes sickening. The definition of rich kids is displayed here every day.
look for polos,and tiffany jewlery.
автор: Jenny Smith 21 марта 2005
An amazing town in Bergen County, New Jersey that is next to Wykoff, Midland Park, Paramus, and Glen Rock.

We have 9 elementary schools, two middle schools (one east of train track, one west), and one high school, which is one of the best public schools (and better than some private ones) in the country. We have a very good musical program, along with outstanding academic and athletic programs.

We are mostly rich, but not all preppy or snobbish as many people unfairly stereotype us. Most of us are nice people.

We have a train station, a library and a lake/pool (even though it is a disgusting one.) We have a town area with a lot of shops and restaurants in the center of Ridgewood.

Many of our residents work in Ridgewood or commute to New York everyday. It is close enough to visit New York in less than an hour, but it is far enough to be in a peaceful suburb.

Some famous people that came from/live in Ridgewood are Harlan Coben, Jeff Feagles, Lawrence Frank, MC Paul Barman, Frankie Muniz, and Jordin Sparks.
Let's go to Quiznos, in Ridgewood.
автор: Ridgewood Resident 30 сентября 2008
99% of the people that live in ridgewood are rich and snobby. the funny thing is that that more then half of them try to come off as "gansta" or "poor". everyone knows they sell the pot behind starbucks.
anyway, the other half are the ones who take advantage of their parents and spend money like it comes out of there butt. they all look like clones of eachother in their polos, uggs, designer bags, ect. its the nicest town and nothing ever happens in ridgewood, not even close to the real "gansta life" as many ridgewood people think that they live.
"look at those uppity girls there prob from ridgewood"

see uppity
автор: phillip nickel 28 марта 2005
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