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a european term used to describe the actual shots of seamen a guy unloads (usually 5 or more ropes are done in 1 orgasm). Girls can have ropes aswell.
автор: An0n 8 февраля 2003
162 53
a long stream of cum
right after i pulled out of gail's hot pussy, i shot out several long ropes of cum that went from her forehead all the way down to her blond mound.
автор: whodey 13 июня 2004
315 210
bomb bud, chronic, cali o
damn that bud l dog got was rope
автор: Scott 29 марта 2003
162 110
When a guy shoots a huge load of jizz onto a girl so that the entire ejaculate is in one contiguous string of jizz resembling a rope.
I was so pent up that when I finally came, I shot ropes all over her face.
автор: Jenny the Coder 6 мая 2011
35 6
when you are in trouble
that guy is on the ropes

Oh ropes i forgot to feed my cat
автор: aliassaila 19 июня 2009
41 23
Real organized postgame extra shit
Yo, you about to go to that party after the banquet?
Nah bro I'm about to skip that ropes.
автор: old chinese mouse 9 декабря 2013
5 3
really dope, sick, cool
Person 1:That's a sick new car.
Person 2:Yeah, it's rope.
автор: Hit and Run 22 29 ноября 2010
37 35