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The rarest ore that you can mine in the MMORPG RuneScape. Requires 85 mining skill to mine it and 85 smithing to smelt. Each runite ore requires 8 coals to smelt 1 runite bar.
I went to wildy to mine runite, but I was PKed.
автор: Sal1981 14 ноября 2007

Слова, связанные с runite

runescape mmorpg wildy armour fictional mining pked rune smithing weapons
A fictional Metal similiar but stronger to iron and steel.

1. (runeite)can be mined and smelted along with 6 coal ores to make a rune bar

2. rune bars can be used to make "rune weapons and armour such as rune platebodies
hey I mined a runite ore today and will smelt and smith it
автор: Bradley J Floyd 10 августа 2006