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The liberal equivalent of teabagging. I.e., when the liberal element in the Democratic party challenges Democratic politicians from the Left, especially in primaries.
The Democrats sure gave Joe Lieberman a salad tossing when they gave the nomination to Ned Lamont.
автор: Tamburlaine2k 18 мая 2010
44 85
When you spread another man's ass-cheeks apart and then bury your face in his hairy,sweaty ass-crackthen you lick & tongue-fuck his tight,twitching ass-hole
"want your salad tossed?","toss my salad you muther-fuckin' ass-licker!","You salad tossing faggot!"
автор: Titokf3 6 марта 2008
124 165
eating out a shitty asshole with ranch dressing
автор: anonymous 29 марта 2003
107 226
Getting your ass ate out with salad condiments
Liz dreams of tossing my salad daily.
автор: Madison 12 августа 2004
44 185