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Another way of saying "what", but sounding cooler. Used in the online cartoon "Schfifty-Five".
"I met a really hot guy last night. We totally made out."

автор: Renee 1 января 2005
47 21
Great way to say what, a good change from the what, and the i beg your pardon. The w however is pronounced like a V
Schwat? Shwam Doo ect
автор: Doomaister 13 января 2005
22 25
a common word used by a loser named kevin kwan aslo known as double d or kwan the swan
"Double D stop jacking off" "Schwat?"
автор: nick miller 19 апреля 2005
18 30
A word that can replace almost any curse word or any other word of that nature, it can for the most part mean anything.
What the schwat man??
автор: Blake Daniel 19 августа 2005
14 28
The past tense of "schweet"
That party was schwat last night
автор: Brad 12 июля 2004
16 35