Where a man sticks his penis into a woman's vagina or anus or mouth to make babies or pleasure. It could be man on man or woman on woman, but you get the idea.
1. Honey, let's shag!

2. Marhon saw Sina's car. Marhon had been married to Sina ever since gay marriage was legalized. He knew he was home, but what's this? The car of Asim, Sina's best friend, was parked on our drive. Very suspicious. I went in as quietly as possible, and crept up the stairs. Suddenly there was this sensual moaning coming from my room. I burst in and saw Asim deep inside Sina's asshole. It was then when I realised they had been shagging. I thought that Sina was my partner! I wanted to kill him, but then Asim jumped on top of me. It was then when I realised I was being raped.
автор: Marhon 24 ноября 2015
A partner dance popularised by American college kids in the 1930's. The short form of "collegiate shag". Related to the Charleston that came before and the Lindy Hop that came after.
Characterized by a six-count pattern and a close hold with bums sticking out.
Would you care to shag, Martha?
Why certainly Harold. I haven't danced for weeks!
автор: Thee Red Monkey 2 июня 2006
A term used among beach and court volleyball players asking someone to fetch the ball.
Hey, shag the ball.
автор: freckles on her temples 7 августа 2011
A dance done on the beaches in the southeastern United States.
I went to Myrtle Beach and did the shag.
автор: lola 9 октября 2002
A kid who regularly gets rammed in the ass by a drillpress, usually in a techroom while informing his female mate that the quality of her belt is currently sufficient, but if it were to be removed he would appriciate it and probably bust a huge nut. "Shags" also enjoys article writing, buying Doreen a slush and hitting two homeruns out of murphy.
Hey Shags, I was just playing some chinese checkers and I was wondering if you would eat sushi off of my nuts. No?...alright, maybe later...shags
автор: Svi Diddy 24 января 2003
(verb) to retrieve a throw projectile in track & field, such as a shot-put or a discus.
Hey Dick, go out and shag my shots for me.
автор: Treta 1 мая 2005
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