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The food they serve at Lower Dauphin High School
Whats for lunch? Shit on a shingle!
автор: Kumaru 9 марта 2008
Another way to say damn it or crap when something is done wrong.
Someone drops something and in response says " Shit on a shingle!"
автор: Amanda 18 марта 2005
Wow!The roof of that house looks like S.O.S.!
автор: Anonymous 28 мая 2003
1) This meal is served in nearly every American home for the days following Thanksgiving. Two slices of bread covered with turkey gravy and pieces of meat. It is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes.
2) The United States Military adopted the term Shit on a Shingle for its WWII chipped beef an cream.
Mom made too much food this Thanksgiving. We will be eating Shit on a Shingle for weeks!
автор: Shit Maker 30 сентября 2006
(n) An African-American or East-Indian Roofer
"Look at all those niggers roofing! Talk about shit on a shingle!"
автор: Osama Bin Jensen 20 апреля 2008