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A young Native American boy asks his mother,"Momma,why do we Indians have such funny names?"
The mother responds,"It is our custom to name a child for the very first thing a mother sees the moment the child is born. Why do you ask,Shitting Dog?"
The young boy was so named because the first thing his mother saw at the moment of his birth was a shitting dog.
автор: wolfbait51 24 апреля 2011

Слова, связанные с shitting dog

dog gag grab indian joke names native american sex shit your mom
the sexual act as the male is laying on his back in the static position while the female is squatting grabbing the males ankles, facing away from his face, and fucking his brains out
literally looks like a dog shitting
"That girl looks like a shitting dog."
автор: swallow my cockacino 4 февраля 2009