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the word that boyfriends use way to frequently in descriptions involving: how they feel, how you treat them, and how things work
how are you feeling right now?
what do you want to talk about>?
-how shitty things are
what about this cd?
-its shitty
автор: joce 9 ноября 2002
5 11
Shitty is Of very poor quality; highly inferior. Contemptible; despicable.
Unfortunate; unpleasant. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable. Incompetent; inept.
Trivial; insignificant.

but u can't mess with shitty cuz its someones name...shitty from YO!!! don't use the name in vain!!-Dinky
yo what up shitty!!

this note book looks shitty

you look shitty
автор: DINKY from YO 17 ноября 2003
427 106
very drunk/ high aka shitface, fucked up, wasted
he got real shitty last night
автор: adog 9 апреля 2003
331 148
Mean, unpleasant, bitchy.
She was really shitty about it.
автор: planethopper 3 июля 2005
127 78
a great word to describe a bad situation, most likely to be used as an adjective
Man that is pretty shitty

Today is a shitty day, yesterday was better
автор: ktmyrs08 22 октября 2008
64 32
It is when you don't like something or someone. When it looks or seems bad
"Look at his shoes the look really shitty"

"Her body is hot, but her face looks shitty."
автор: Cruzz 23 апреля 2008
50 31
Unfavorable breasts. Refers to the male or female bosom.
"Jesus, Jim. That whore has horrible shitties."


"Jim, your dad has shitties."
автор: Justin Herbert 18 июля 2007
23 7
An adjective synonymous with: Dope; awesome; rad; bad; badass.

Describes a good experience.
That movie was shitty. Those kicks are shitty man, where you get em?
автор: Matador of Funk 19 января 2011
20 10