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Fictional word which has no purpose other than to rhyme with abortion. Famously featured in the movie "Knocked Up".
I won't say it but it rhymes with shmashmortion.
автор: Zander_tg 9 ноября 2007

Слова, связанные с shmashmortion

abortion baby birth control fetus death hasty abortion knocked mamortion murder rhyme
the word for abortion when children are present
for all the baby ears in the room...go get a shmashmortion at the shmashmortion clinic!!
автор: megg schuu 10 июля 2008
another term for 'abortion'. as used in the movie Knocked Up.
"OK. I won't say it for 'baby-ears' over here, I think you should go get a shma-shmortion. down at the shma-shmortion clinic."
автор: $ara stitche$ 10 июня 2007