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Sucking ass fluids through a straw.
I shrimped her good
автор: k-dizzle 22 февраля 2004
164 157
The term used when describing gay foreplay when one man ejaculates inside another mans rectum, and then sips it with a straw.
After Marcus came into Zacks ass he went shrimpin and drank it out with a straw.
автор: Ben Dover 8 ноября 2004
308 231
when a man ejaculates in another man's rectum and slurps it out with a straw
Damn.....that must be a big gulp straw...all that nut he just shrimped out!
автор: The Gear 15 августа 2004
34 22
When one guy sperms in another mans but hole and slurps the sperm out of the but hole with a straw.
when me and my dad are home alone we have shrimpin time together
автор: Dominic Lucchesi and Tyler Rossman 6 марта 2008
88 98
what a tweaker does when there is nothing else to do.picking at pimples.or picking at the skin as if there was somthing under the skin.
man did you see that bitch's face she must have been shrimp'in on that fuckin face all night
автор: i124nk8 25 июня 2003
3 20
When its cold out and your penis shrivels up. "Compare to shrinkage of the testicles except with the penis"
Yo dude what is it 45 degrees out here im shrimpin big time.

Man this pool is pretty chilly I think im gonna get in the hot tub to reverse the effects of my shrimpage.
автор: bigdaddyapplepants 24 июля 2009
36 74
a word used by certain members of the D N' D crew in warren, NJ
instead of the usual use for shrimpin (sucking cum out of a mans ass through a straw) these individuals use the term shrimpin in place of racing, specifically illegal car races
"yo man, what you doin"
"shrimpin bro"
автор: BAMF456 9 сентября 2008
33 73