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A female who, while wearing a minimal amount of clothing, entices those around her with her attractive aura.
Damn, Anna is rockin' her skankalicious self.

Jeff is lucky to have that skankalicious girl on his arm.
автор: Jenn27 20 января 2007
84 29
Adj. describes a skanky looking girl that you would fuck anyway because she is so sexy.
Damn bro, that bitch is skankalicious
автор: Web Stir 23 сентября 2009
23 6
A deliciously skanky or slutty individual, usually being a female.
Damn, you're looking rather skankalicious in those hot pink stilettos!
автор: Ariana Peak 6 июля 2005
29 15
A girl or skank that just wont go away. she is pathetic and cannot do anythig on her own. she must rely on a man or anyone to get what she wants and needs. always looking for a free ride. seeks jailbirds for long term relationships. cannot help but make bad decisions.
That girl is such a skank-a-licious.
автор: mamajane 9 октября 2009
6 0
Somone or somthing that is very skanky.
Person A:You are skankalicious! Person B: Thanks! Person A:It means your a skank you big eejit!!
автор: S*P&S*D 30 июня 2006
14 11
1. something that is cool, or awesome.

2. someone who is wearing very nice clothes.
person1: Hey i just got sims3 today!
person2: Really? that's skankalicious!

person1: Hey dude.
person2: Hey, you're skankalicious today!
person1: Thank you sir.
автор: nenstra 4 июня 2009
11 9
Generally less than desirable woman seen as hot piece of booty by a horny bastard without his glasses after six beers late on a Saturday night.
"Hey man, see that hot chic leaning on the bar."
"Dude, you must be blind or drunk. That chic is skankalicious."
автор: Flatts 1028 20 марта 2010
3 2