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When a girl jerks you and your friend off when your on either side of her, her up and down motions resemble a skier using ski poles
Hey did u guys get a piece or what?
Yeah she ski poled us but nothin else
автор: Bill B 23 апреля 2003
67 26
when a girl beats off two guys in a jerking motion like skiing
You this beat fresman slut named sarah ski poled a couple fags last night, ones a canisus fag
автор: Mrs.Newrighter 15 ноября 2007
44 27
A nickname given to any girl who has been known to simultaneously jerk off two guys sitting either side of her.
I hope ski poles is coming on our next excursion, Jack.
She sure made the bus trip a highlight last time.
автор: tweeter27 12 июня 2006
34 17
riding in the middle of two people in the back or front seat.
dude I can't ride ski pole in the back seat.
автор: e nigma99999 26 марта 2011
6 6
Dave Hoagrbe directing traffick
what the hell is he doing directing trafick or jerking someone off?

nah thats just ski poles dave.. he does that all the time
автор: Hoagrbee 13 октября 2008
3 4
synonomous with circle jerk. (pretend that you are cross-country skiing, moving your arms up and down vigorously)
"the yankees suck. how about some ski pole action?"
автор: peter 15 октября 2003
3 14