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To be highly intoxicated from the effects of alcohol.
I was so fucking slapped last night, that Jack kicked my ass.
автор: Matthew Whitaker 14 мая 2005

Слова, связанные с slapped

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Gone. Drunk as hell. High as hell. Under the influence of something.
Damn jo, dude slapped as hell he cant even stand up.
автор: SiLENT74 27 апреля 2009
when you beat someone so bad that you dont know how else to say it. when you beat someone that has an advantage over you.
ex1. Wow kid 1v1 on your host get slapped.

ex2. We slapped them with ease.
автор: hasselhoffman 20 февраля 2009
The art of slapping someone so bad, that they drop their own host and leave their team. You can also say, get the slappage, or get raped. It is a great saying if you are playing games, or sports.
Wow man, did you see me slap RecKLeSs, those kids are bad. I never slapped someone so hard.
автор: SiLkDaSHOCKER 16 сентября 2009
1) Something that is hype

2) When a lot of people are some were acting crazy
- that party last night slapped hard as fuck
- 1st lunch slapped
автор: ej9595 18 февраля 2011