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A person who is slow to pick up on common ideas, jokes, and statements. Usually blondes or people who were shaken as babies.
Why in the world would you think that the moon was made of cheese, Lacey? Damn, you're such a slow bunny.
автор: Voli23 7 февраля 2005

Слова, связанные с slow bunny

cognitive impaction hangover mental constipation neural pus slow bus
Someone who's normally really smart, but doesn't understand the simpliest, most obvious things. This is usually between nerds, or between people who are a few years apart. the younger would say it to the older, more educated person.

slow = daft
bunny = normally quick.
bro why wont she go out with you?
cause she's a lesbian, you slowbunny
автор: raataataat 24 января 2011