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An idiot or complete moron. A commonly misspelled derivative of the yiddish term schmendrick.
That smendrick got busted with an ounce.
автор: GreatWebGuy 5 февраля 2008

Слова, связанные с smendrick

idiot moron schmendrick ass-fuck crunked dick drunk dumb ass nuz slizzard toasted vagina wasted yo
Word said by white college students when they are really drunk. When a level of toxicity is at an extreme high they are Smendrick. Also can use the word Uncle in front of the world to mean really really intoxicated.
I cant wait to get "Smendrick" tonight
OOH im soo drunk, im about to go visit Uncle Smendrick.
автор: A.J. Erickson 2 декабря 2007
Synonym for the word ass-fuck. Meaning you are an ass-fuck. You do not want to be called a smendrick. If your friend calls you a smendrick, he is no longer your friend. That's how bad this word is.
I'm so pissed at you, you know what, your just a smendrick.
автор: StephenNuz 10 июля 2008