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To laugh at the misfortune of another. liberal-fearing peoples will use snicker instead, since it sounds like the word nigger, a racist term.
I was sniggering at the faggot.
автор: Kung-Fu Jesus 30 апреля 2004
749 151
like a snickering laugh, only evil.
автор: Deagan The Wolf 22 октября 2003
674 159
1. short for sand nigger
2. to lightly laugh
I hate fucking sniggers.
автор: sterlingheights 11 сентября 2005
730 255
Australian word meaning to laugh quietly
It will make you snigger, snort and laugh out loud.
автор: StephenSLR 27 февраля 2011
280 73
Snigger - Shifty Nigger

One who wins a competition or becomes lucky by means of being "shifty", sneaky, or clever. Does not always require blackness.
George was a snigger by bluffing his poker hand.
McCain was being a snigger by using Sarah Palin to get Hillary's women voters.
автор: Sniggers4all 20 октября 2008
161 96
smelly nigger, (snigs for short)
Damn! those sniggers smell like ass!!
автор: someone yeaaaaaaaa 11 октября 2009
158 105
N. a member of the SNiGS clan
Windy is a snigger
автор: The cuddlesworth 24 июня 2009
130 79