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A term used when referring to smuggling a little chinese boy across the world IN A SUITCASE, in order to return him to his mother. This has no relation to the movie "Noodle".
Alec : Damn, I've only done a Snoodle once.

Drew : Noooob, I've smuggled 4 or 5 little boys.

Brian : You guys are fucking weird.
автор: Young Krayyy 10 января 2011
76 82
The act of laughing, coughing, snorting, etc and having snot and/or other debris fly out from your nose.
"Oh God, I just snoodled everywhere!"

"Watch out, she snoodled on the couch!"

"It's so embarrassing when I snoodle in front of my friends."
автор: muhnuqqa 2 августа 2012
13 24
Someone who loves snoozing
автор: anonymous 15 октября 2003
2 14
snoodle the removal of a mans' ejaculated DNA from the bung hole it was deposited into by means of a straw. Usually a human bung hole, but animals have been "used" also; often based on permission and availabilty, among other things.

The person removing said male DNA is known as the snoodler, and may/may not be the source of nut-nectar. snoodling is the act of one or more individuals slurping adult male sperm deposits deeply located within another subjects' rectum, beyond the sphyncter.
"Victors' boyfriend left him because he never wanted to snoodle".

"I only like Bubba to pound my ass when Dixie is the snoodler, otherwise I don't get off as much."

Surgeon Generals' Warning: Gangbanging and Snoodling can be dangerous to your health.
автор: noturdaddy 7 декабря 2010
16 36
The act of cuddling or spooning with a significant other.
I don't like it when my sister snoodles with her creepy boyfriend.
автор: Melissa Archer 5 марта 2006
101 169
cuddling naked with a significant other
Let's snoodle bitch!
автор: sammie rex 10 августа 2007
77 156
The act of blowing up the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis like a balloon.
KD liked to snoodle her uncut bf's unit.
автор: Kingsize 9 марта 2006
33 123