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A snuggle hug, showing affection often in a friendship way.
Thank you! *snugs*
автор: Raven 27 октября 2003
127 37
Short For Snuggling, Usually Used By People Close To Eachother Or Just To Be Cute With One Another.

Usually Can Be Found Being Used By People Online.
Person A: Hello There! ^-^
Person B: Hiya! X3
Person A: *snugs*
автор: Katsumaru 5 января 2005
61 14
fitting perfectly whilst flattering the figure, how clothes should be worn by attractive ladies
those trousers look snug
автор: ben dover 11 июля 2003
83 39
To hold someone and 'snuggle' them.
автор: Laura 29 июля 2003
72 39
A style of dress seen on college campuses everywhere.
Spandex pants, North Face jacket, UGG boots, Girl.
"Wow...look at that snug that we just drove past!"
автор: Mummraa 2 декабря 2011
13 13
Sike, Nah U Good
Bystander: you're looking mighty fine today, Amy

Amy: Really? thanks!

Bystander: SNUG
автор: Suzi Says Feng Shui 5 ноября 2011
20 20
an intricately small, but very dank nug of cannabis.
Hey dude have any weed?
Not much man, just a snug.
автор: rodn333y 1 апреля 2009
13 13