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To wake up in the morning with a huge amount of Facebook notifications and finding out that one person has 'liked' every comment you made the previous day.
I have just been Spaffed
I am getting a Spaffing as we speak
автор: Jelly Pumpernickel 4 октября 2012
1829 168
A term for masturbation made popular by E4 comedy 'The Inbetweeners.'
(Reading a self-penned valentine's card) "Jay, you massive stud, please spaff on my tits. From your valentine's bitch. PS. And on my face."
автор: Choadalay-dee-heeee 9 января 2013
100 69
To ejaculate, usually into or onto something (more than likely an innanimate object)
Id love to spaff in that kettle.

Ill happily spaff on that bints toast.
автор: Big-OH 23 января 2009
77 101
Spaffing is the act of simulating an ejaculation by spitting on a partners back, this is most commonly used in stage one of a houdini.
hadrian spaffed all over coxy's back last night, coxy swears to god he thought he'd came! then coxy turned round and bang! pirate eye!
автор: d to a the to the n-n-y 11 февраля 2007
24 82
A word often used by a girl to describe a boy whom she feels affection for.
'Hey Spaffy, Could you be nice and pick me up?'
'Yo, Spaff!'
автор: LukeSpaffy 28 октября 2006
12 70
1) cum basically

2) When you have some unknown mixture on you and someone points it out
1) I spaffed all over her fat mouth last night

2) Dude, you got a bit of spaff on your shirt
автор: Ja-mmin 24 апреля 2005
23 81
another work for cum or the act of cunning
I Spaffed in her hair, she wasn't happy
автор: big bob roberts jr the third 25 сентября 2009
30 90