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A place where alcohol could be "safely" purchased during the era of prohibition in the USA.
автор: Anonymous 12 августа 2003
383 57
1) A place to drink ilegally. Created in America in the 1920's when booze was made ilegal. Normally run by gangsters.

2) A charismatic person.
2)"That guy's a real speak easy. He can talk his way out of anything."
автор: Blooddiamond21 31 августа 2007
108 25
smuggling liquor store (US slang)
This café is a former speak-easy?
автор: Valerius Baldwin 3 января 2008
11 3
Talk about what's on your mind come correct
speak easy man don't make me have to take your soul like the repo man/
автор: Niceemcee 19 января 2004
20 31
To be aware of your audience. To talk clearly and precisely, but not as to intimidate, annoy or harm those you are speaking to.
Yo, why are you wylin like that? You don't know them, I suggest you speak easy.
автор: Ronda T 23 марта 2006
17 31
door with a small door. ( used for checking out visitors )
Yo dogg's speak easy check it out its me doggie dogg. Now open big door!
автор: itichie_nocanpo 24 июля 2006
11 27
(n.) A sexual act, involving a man performing anal sex on a woman, with the 1920's hit "The Charleston" playing in the background.
Geoff gave that girl the hardest speakeasy I've ever heard.
автор: TurboD 4 августа 2003
64 292