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When you're broke because you spent all your money on spring break.
Hey man, wanna go to a movie or somethin'?

Nah, I'm spring broke. The cash I took to vegas, stayed in vegas.
автор: malendras 8 апреля 2007
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being broke due to spending all of your money on various spring break items such as beer, weed, shrooms, bad motel rooms, mcnuggets and other miscellaneous items.
sorry man I can't throw down for the keg, I'm spring broke.
автор: aliciaaaa 5 апреля 2008
8 4
1. A lame spring break because one cannot afford to travel anywhere interesting.

2. A disfunctional, ruined, and thus "broken" spring break.
No classes, but this week looks more like spring broke than spring break.
автор: AmymoneMonymay 13 марта 2009
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