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challenging someone to fight, only used by a townie
(mock cockney accent) : oi u stepping to me cuz
автор: eekojxrs 21 января 2004

Слова, связанные с stepping

step steps dubstep dub dance music sex bass stairs two move shit on stepped bitch child fuck walk up man
A dance originating in kempton park south africa where you bounce up and down and step to the beat of house music best to search for on youtube
Nu school put there new stepping video online they be killing it
автор: jacking john 12 ноября 2013
do sumthin faster
gets a step'n!
автор: jasmine 28 апреля 2002
walking very noisy, often caused by bad shoes
He was stepping down the aisle. Everyone could tell that he was coming
автор: ijp 30 января 2005