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a surfer term meaning a glare or lingering dirty look
when that dude stole my wave I gave him
total stink eye
автор: D 27 июля 2003
775 209
The Hawaiian pidgin term for a hard, scornful glare.
I not doin' anykine when some lolo turn an give me stink eye cuz he like beef. (English translation: I wasn't doing anything when some fool turned and gave me a hard look because he wanted to fight.)
автор: Random Q Hacker 16 июля 2006
445 165
a dirty look
She was giving me the stinkeye, OR I was getting nothing but stinkeye from him.
автор: duh 12 апреля 2003
189 31
To give someone a really nasty look to show your distaste for them
"Why is Sarah giving me the Stink Eye?"
автор: StyleLike16th 31 октября 2009
217 89
It's like the evil eye, but a little less evil and a lot more stink.
If somebody actually does well on this test they are getting the stink eye from me!

When somebody pisses me off, all I have to do is give them the stink eye and they tremble in fear.
автор: The Pseudonymist 31 марта 2010
104 57
a look of contempt or disdain. a loaded glance.
Look, I'm sorry but that's the way it is. Stop being a sour-puss. I see you giving me the stink-eye.
автор: plsg & smike 14 марта 2003
43 2
The dirty glare your boss gives you because it is impossible that you be doing any actual work.
Ross gave the QA team the "Stink Eye"
автор: EyeStunk 2 мая 2011
35 23